Anonymous said: What are 10 good questions you should ask a POT while meeting for coffee


1. What made you join (insert site here)

2. Have you done something like this before?

3. What do you expect in this type of relationship?

4. What can I expect?

5. Are you opposed to giving me an allowance also known as a monthly stipend?

6. Do you like to travel? Are you traveling anywhere anytime soon?

7. Why didn’t the last relationship work out in your own opinion if you don’t mind me asking?

8. How many times would you like to see me?

9. What type of allowance are you thinking about to make this arrangement work?

10. When would you like to see me again?

You can also talk about culture, politics, cuisines, traveling destinations and so on and so forth.

Anonymous said: Can you give us an example of a perfect spam message for sugar sites?


The Perfect Spam Message/Art Of Spamming.

Yes, spamming (copying and pasting to other men on different sugar sites) is an ART. Pay close attention.
Are you having trouble writing the perfect spam message?

You want to sound proper and classy as well as sweet and assertive.
The message should be about you, however, it should be about him as well. Make it sound like you wrote it just for him. Think of it as a letter.
It’s all about key words and adjectives.

Adding a bunch of adjectives may sound unrealistic but believe me when I say that this method truly works.
Adding some your favorite hobbies wouldn’t hurt.

Explain how you would like your first date to be. It’s about creativity.

Here is an EXAMPLE:
Hello and good morning. I hope all is well with you. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is _______. I must say that you have an outstanding profile and I would love to get to know you. I can sense that you and I will hit it off extremely well. Don’t you think?
I’m bubbly, fun, and have a huge personality. I love getting dolled up, just for you.

Would you like to go out to dinner with me sometime? I know this is all of a sudden, but just imagine me wearing a beautiful little black dress along with stimulating conversation over a glass of wine?

Care to know more about this exciting opportunity? Please, do not hesitate to email me. Until then, have a lovely day and I will be thinking about you. Ciao!
Then, once you feel that your spam message is up to par, it’s time to spam to as many men as possible.

If you use this example, men will know that it’s definitely a copy and paste so please be creative. If you need help doing so, message me. I’d suggest we all reblog!


Where are good places to freestyle at in NYC??!! Please ladies I need some help.